Portable CNC cutting machine

gantry-CNC-cutting-machine with Support base
DragonIII portable gantry CNC cutting machine

SteelTailor DragonIII Portable Gantry 必威电竞投注



1.Max cutting range :2500mm x 12000mm
2.Support plasma and Oxy-fuel
3.Hole cutting and sharp cutting
4.2017 release; one year warranty
5.Optional: pipe cutting
Product Available Date: 2023-12-01

DRAGON III - Portable Gantry CNC Flame plasma Cutting Machine - ON SALE !

--- Extended to two years warranty and one order 3 sets 10% off in September.

DRAGON III gantry cnc cutting machine


DRAGON III gantry cnc cutting machine customer cases
DRAGON III gantry cnc cutting machine customer cases-Korea
DRAGON III gantry cnc cutting machine customer cases
DRAGON III gantry cnc cutting machine customer cases- South America

Dragon III gantry CNC plasma cutting machine: Hole cutting and Sharp angle cutting:
DTAGON III-Tt CNC 必威电竞怎么充值 machine and CNC plate cutting machine : 


DragonIII portable gantry cutting machine support plasma cutting and flame cutting

Unlike other SteelTailor Dragon series, Dragon III is a new-type portable gantry cutting machine, re-designed according to the traditional gantry structure. To make the price most favorable, Dragon III only keeps the core structure of gantry cutting machine and removes the relative accessories. Its simple structure and fast installation reveal SteelTailor’s constant idea -- portable. Just like Dragon series, Dragon III has the powerful cutting functions, but with much cheaper price. The launch of such a useful and economical product will bring good news to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.


DragonIII gantry CNC cutting machine advantages in details

DragonIII gantry plasma and flame cutting machine is Powerful: support plasma and oxy-fuel, anti-collision design, dual drive, steady and solid structure, support high-strength tasks.
DRAGON-cutting machine-torch
DragonIII portable gantry CNC cutting machine Controller: SteelTailor controlling system, support nesting. NET2100 Remote cutting controller optional.

DRAGON-cutting-machine-controller system
4mm Hole cutting and sharp cutting sample by DRAGON III CNC cutting machine
22mm & 18mm plasma cutting sample by 200A High power air plasma cutter(China)

Optional A: simple support base.
simple support base for plasma cutting table
Optional B: load-bearing support base.
load-bearing support base.for CNC cutting table

DragonIII portable gantry CNC cutting machine Technical Parameters

Type Dragon III
Input Voltage 220V/110V
Frequency 60/50 Hz
Input Power 210 W
Display LCD 7 ˝color screen controller (remote control is optional)
Effective Cutting Range Standard Specification 3000X2500 mm;6000X2500 mm
Maximum Running Speed 8000 mm/min
Dimension of Whole Machine 2500*3000 mm 3300x3510(mm);2500*6000 mm 3300x6510(mm)
Cutting Speed Plasma Cutting:(0~6000)mm/min (set up the optimal cutting speed according to the recommending value of the plasma power)
Repeatability  0.2 mm
Cutting Thickness  Oxy-fuel: ≤ 150mm
  Plasma:  Depend on the plasma power
Crossbeam Driving Way Dual Drive
Torch Lifting Range 145 mm
Cutting Mode Plasma/oxy-fuel
Torch Electric Lifting and THC Plasma AVTHC (standard)
  Electric lifting in oxygen mode ( oxygen THC is optional)
Software FastCAM standard version

How to choose the type of DRAGON III series

DRAGON III - gantry cutting machine basic type(compatible with H-beam or supporting leg)
gantry cutting machine, cnc table plasma cutting machine, 必威电竞怎么充值
DRAGON III-Tt - gantry cutting machine and cnc pipe cutting machine
betway 西汉姆
DRAGON III-Tb - cnc table plasma cutting machine
gantry cutting machine, cnc table plasma cutting machine, 必威电竞怎么充值



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